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A Woman Realized This Cashier Had Picked Up Her Phone And Nearly $300 – And His Response Went Viral


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A Woman Realized This Cashier Had Picked Up Her Phone And Nearly $300 – And His Response Went Viral

Shelia Spencer had an unlucky day in October 2018. She left both her cell phone and wallet with $270 in cash in her shopping cart in a Birmingham, Alabama, grocery store. But what happened next surprised her so much that she shared her story online, where it quickly went viral.

Spencer is a teacher at Birmingham City Schools. And when she isn’t on the job, she makes plenty of trips to her local grocery store. Indeed, Piggly Wiggly manager Jason Armstrong told Yahoo Lifestyle that Spencer comes in every day.

But one of Spencer’s daily trips would stand out from the rest. After popping in for some shopping after work, the resident of Birmingham, Alabama, placed her iPhone and wallet into her cart. Spencer then duly did her shopping, and later wheeled the cart back into the port outside the store, leaving her belongings still inside.

“After going home I realized at approximately 9:30 p.m. I couldn’t find my phone,” Spencer later wrote on Facebook. “I started to look for my wristlet that carried my money, but I couldn’t find that either.”

Obviously, both of Spencer’s items were valuable, but her wallet was particularly full of cash that day. Not only did she have $70 of her own money inside, she was carrying $200 for someone else at the time, too.

Source: scribol.com

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